Back on the Bells

Off for two weeks after tweaking my shoulder and neck muscles on the left side, then the week after that, off for two more weeks after tweaking my right shoulder, I finally got a chance to give the kettlebells a proper workout in my new home gym.

After helping my friends Craig and Karen move on the weekend, I was pretty dog tired for a couple days. They’ve got a lot of stuff! Still wasn’t quite feeling 100% up to snuff, and after nearly a five week hiatus from regular lifting, I had that feels-like-maybe-I-should-puke sensation mid-workout. Let’s see if I can stay uninjured long enough to get back into the swing of things.

Also got my GymBoss interval timer, so I was able to time the workout more easily. Quite handy when doing the top-of-the-minute rep workouts.

New Gym, Weak Shoulders Workout

  • 8 minutes of warm-ups: Shoulder Blade Wall Walk, Turkish Half-up, Turkish Get-up.
  • 6 minutes: One-leg Deadlift x 5 per leg, Table Top x 5.
  • 6 minutes of Shoulder work: RKC Shoulder Rotator, RKC Arm Bar. Just using a mini 4 kg kettlebell, as I’m still learning the form for these moves.
  • 6 mintues: Kettlebell Squats x 10 w/ 24 kg, Walking Plank x 6.
  • 12 minutes: Kettlebell Swings, doing 15 reps at the top of each minute.
  • Cool down: Rear Arch x 3, Scorpion x 10, assorted stretching. Shower!
Shoulder is feeling good post-workout. Still a little tight in the whole upper back area overall, and still not quite at 100%, so I’ll probably keep at the isometric shoulder exercises for at least another week and work on improving my shoulder awareness before kicking back into the military press.

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