An all-egg diet? What whould happen?

There’s a audio-only video on YouTube where Jimmy Moore Talks With doctors Mike and Mary Dan Eades about an all-egg diet. They talk about an 88-year old man who ate nothing but 24 eggs a day. Almost 2,000 calories a day, just from eggs! He usually at them boiled, either soft or hard, and because of his unusual diet they did a case study on him. He had good blood work, good cholesterol levels and all-around general health with no problems.

They talk pretty fast, so I’ve included a transcript of the article below. After listening to this, I had to go cook up a big batch of eggs!

Audio Transcript

Jimmy Moore: I’m thinking of doing an experiment. For one week, just eat ten dozen eggs that whole week. Just to see what would happen to my cholesterol levels, and have it run … just for fun and as an experiment (laughs).

Mike Eades: Well I could tell you what would probably happen. Your LDL might go up a little bit, but your HDL would probably go up a lot. Your triglycerides would go down and LDL particle size would go up. There was an interesting study that came out about, oh I dunno, fifteen, eh, eighteen years ago, well not that long, probably fifteen years ago I guess, published in Southern Medical Journal. A case report of this elderly guy, this 88-year old guy who was in a nursing home. He ate twenty-four eggs a day, and that was his diet!

Jimmy Moore: Two dozen a day … wow!

Mike Eades: And he had the eggs brought in to him, and I think he’d boil them or soft boil them and he ate these 24 eggs a day. They published it because, he was fine. He had no cholesterol problems, he had no problems whatsoever, and the tone of the article was that he ate these eggs, that was in addition to the regular nursing home fare, which is usually pretty high in carbs. That can’t be, an eighty-eight year old guy can’t eat all those eggs, plus regular nursing home fare. So I wrote the researcher, and I said, “hey, did the guy, you know, eat regular nursing home fare? because that’s what is suggested in the article”, I said, “because I can’t imagine a guy eat twenty-four eggs plus that”. He wrote back and said, “No, actually we went and checked with the nursing home staff and you’re right, he didn’t eat anything but the eggs.” And so then it all made sense, because if you eat the egg, you got protein and you got fat, and that’s what we were designed to eat.

Jimmy Moore: That’s right.

Mike Eades: So if you want to find out what happened, you can go read that study, and find out what happens to somebody who did it for a long time.

Jimmy Moore: Wow, that’s amazing.

Mary Dan Eades: It’s a shame that eggs have gotten the rap that they’ve gotten, because they are such a perfect little protein source and good fat, and they’re inexpensive, when you get right down to it. If you ate those two dozen eggs a day, which I can’t imagine many people that could eat two dozen eggs a day. But if you did eat two dozen eggs a day, and what are you paying?

Jimmy Moore (doing math out loud): Two, three dollars, four dollars?

Mary Dan Eades: 6 bucks? It’s a very cheap source of good quality protein.

Jimmy Moore (laughing): Yup, I’m definitely going to do that experiment now then.


One response to “An all-egg diet? What whould happen?

  1. I’m one week one day into it myself. It sure takes away any meal planning problems. Feel great but no weight change though. How long before you noticed weight drop Jimmy and was it fat only? I’m keeping a calorie deficit as well.

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