Where’s my low-carb weight loss?

I was griping to my friend today about how I influenced a number of people to try low-carb paleo about six months ago. Some of those friends influenced others. In total, I know five people who’ve lost significant amounts of weight: generally 15 to 20 pounds, although one friend lost 60 lbs.

As for my weight, I currently weigh 4 pounds more than when I went on the diet. I got gyped off, everyone lost weight but me! I’ve put on 4-6 lbs in the last month on RRARF, so when I was doing lowish-carb paleo my weight did dropped by about  4-6 lbs from the start of the diet, and my body composition changed a lot for the better though, the waist is still a couple inches smaller and because I was hammering the kettlebells I quite a few pounds on my upper body. My high water mark for weight was 190 lbs, about three years ago when I only hiked in the summer and spent the winters being lazy and eating junk food.

With the first day of summer I’m not longer doing RRARF, but I’m doing high-carb paleo with lots of physical activity. My ideal meal right now is steamed kale, 2 cups of sweet potatoes mashed in butter and spices, and a grilled grass-fed bison steak. I rode around Burnaby mountain on Saturday, and just died on the bike – my cardio was really rusty after just 4 weeks of breaktime. Recovery was beautiful though, I went hiking the next day and the legs fully fresh. I used to have pretty dead legs the next day after hammering the hills on Burnaby. It’s just under a 3 hour ride, but I ride it pretty intensely. Hiked some North Shore woods on Sunday for 3 hours, then another bike ride around the Sea Wall for a few hours yesterday. I want to hit the kettlebells, but I’ve converted my home gym into a bike shop, and still need to spend tomorrow evening wrenching on my bike to get it rideable for summer. The plan is to spend a week or two riding across British Columbia, following the Kettle Valley Rail and detouring along the way to see different remote valleys via backcountry logging roads. Then I’m going to ride Seven Summits in Rossland, I’ve been thinking about that track for so long, that I can’t wait to get on it again.


2 responses to “Where’s my low-carb weight loss?

  1. Limiting to about 50grams of carbs per day, all of which is consumed before lunch, is a good plan. Having too few calories available will slow metabolism and harm weight less. My girlfriend was aiming to have a (calculated) deficit of 1000 calories per-day during her intense weightloss period, but found that she was loosing weight slower than when she had a deficit of around 700 per-day. I say ‘calculated’, because her estimation of what her base-metabolic-rate is, was almost certainly inaccurate.

    She kept a food diary, and totalled up her calorie consumption versus calories expenditure. A deficit of 3500 calories equates to about of pound of fat loss.

    Anyway — good luck.

  2. Yeah, I tried the same diet and had no luck. They say that some body types just don’t work and others say it is because of the makeup of a person that impacts how they will be affected by the diet.

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