This past summer, Vancouver-based Markus Frind sold his Plenty of Fish dating site for a cool $545 million dollars. Having spent a few years kicking around on various dating sites, and being a web developer, I had ideas of making my own dating site. Well, Plenty of Fish started in 2003 and now it’s 2015 and the online dating market is ridiculously crowded.

However, I took an interest in dating internationally. In 2014 I visited Ukraine and toured there to meet women in person with Dream Connections. It was a great experience, I loved Ukraine! But I didn’t find my love. So I went back to dating locally in Vancouver. After I while I started to think about Ukraine again, and I took a look online to see if I could find anyone to connect with. However, I was not happy with the options available for international dating, so I thought maybe the world needed a better international dating site.

I met someone in the spring. She is Ukrainian, but I found her locally on

I continued to think about international dating and travel dating. In doing more research in this market space, I found out that there are a few international dating options available:,,, and

This highlighted the hardest part of international dating apps. How do you get user attention worldwide? I had searched the internet a year ago for such applications and came up empty handed, even though these applications did exist at the time.

So this put a damper on my dreams of making big money from building such an application. But I still had the itch to build a social media application. I wanted to refresh my skill set with new technologies and to give myself a project to really dig into. So even if the project doesn’t become successful and popular, I still want to build something and express my take on how international dating could be done. The journey is the reward.

For now I intend to develop the application as an open source project. Both as a showcase of my skills and with the idea that I may attract other social media developers who want to contribute in the project.

Knowing now approximately what I wanted to build, my starting technology choice were easily made. I selected PostgreSQL, Python 3, Pyramid and Ember.js. For the backend the three PPP’s were easy choices. They are technologies I am familiar with and can be productive out of the gate.

For the Javascript I wavered on the choice single-page interface frameworks. Last year I reviewed AngularJS, Ember.js and Backbone/Marionette as the three more prominent SPI framework choices. Ember.js appealed to me a little bit more as a cohesive application development stack … but don’t take that as a critical technology choice, I’m new to all of the SPI frameworks. Using Ember.js will be a learning experience for me.

But for now this is all still talk, I have an empty database, some skeleton files and a headful of ideas on how to build such an application …


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